Cool bleiben und geschützt durch Imkerbekleidung aus Netzgewebe!

Propolisgitter passend für alle Beutenmaße, zuschneidbar

Only 800 units of this product remain

The mats for the extraction of propolis consist of a special, elastic plastic grid. The mats are placed on the upper fold or on the upper edge of the beehive under the lid or on the frame.

The mats ensure good air circulation, prevent moisture and thus improve the indoor climate. They replace the often used film, which collects unwanted condensation on the underside. They are approved for food and can be easily cleaned with hot water.

The bees cannot attach to the lid, but cement the holes in the mat over the entire surface. The hole size is chosen so that the bees do not put their heads through, but the holes can be cemented quickly. The mats should lie on the colonies for a longer period of time from autumn to winter, since the bees then make their prey "winter-proof". After removing the mats, they should be stored in a cool, dry place. The propolis then becomes hard and can be easily removed from the mats. You only ever take a few mats out of the "cold" (possibly also out of the freezer) and work on them immediately before they get "warm".

To harvest the propolis, you work on a sloping board that is in a plastic tub. First you fold the cemented mat in the middle and push the mat halves lying one above the other past each other, whereby the propolis loosens at the kink and trickles into the tub. For heavily waxed mats, it makes sense to first harvest the propolis and then remove the wax.

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