Cool bleiben und geschützt durch Imkerbekleidung aus Netzgewebe!

"Easy in and out" overall

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For many beekeepers it is difficult to get into an overall, even though they need full body protection. You can easily get in and out of this overall. Since it has long zippers, you no longer need to squeeze into it. You unfold the jumpsuit, sit on it and pull the zippers. You are already in! The proven standing hood also has a comfort zipper. So you can quickly go to the cell phone, have a quick drink in between or put a lollipop in your mouth ;-). Like the standard jumpsuit, the "Easy in and out" overall consists of a three-layer, airy fabric and is available in bee green. However, it comes from another workshop and its size is rather normal, i.e. smaller than the standard overalls from the original Honigmann.

Note for bee venom allergy sufferers:

The "Easy in and out" overall is brand new and has not yet been finally tested for puncture resistance. As a bee venom allergy sufferer, we therefore recommend that you use the standard overalls from Original Honigmann as a precaution. It is "kill bee tested".

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