Cool bleiben und geschützt durch Imkerbekleidung aus Netzgewebe!

About us

In the summer of 2014 I took a trip abroad with my 14 year old nephew Vincent. We discovered a kind of beekeeping suit we never saw before - made of three layers. We quickly agreed that we wanted to own such a suit and give our fellow beekeepers access to this "airy" beekeeper's clothing. In time for the Apisticustag 2015 - we were able to show you the first sample clothing and put our shop online.

We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary shortly. Our customers are enthusiastic and so we have constantly expanded our program. In addition to jackets and overalls, we now also offer pants and gloves made of mesh. With the protection shoes we round off the program especially for allergy sufferers. In addition, there are the jackets, overalls and pants now in bee green and beige, because it doesn`t show the dirt. The gloves are available in white, beige and yellow. Next year, gloves in bee green will follow.

In the anniversary year 2020, we are also launching a jubilee edition of jackets and overalls. Under the motto "Life is Pink!" We transport the beekeepers out of their fashionable shadowy existence into the modern age. Look forward to even more color in your beekeeper`s life! Incidentally, colors aren`t of much interest to the bees. They react more strongly to smells, why you should wash your beekeeping clothes also during the season. But take off the hood first.

We have big plans for next year. We want, for example, also include an "Easy In and Out Overall" in the product range. Long zippers make the otherwise difficult entry into overalls much easier. And for the hornets friends there will be a protective suit that protects against the twice as long stings of hornets, without having to put on several clothes over each other. Again, stay cool - and protected! So it pays to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Or just have a look at the shop or at one of the many beekeeping fairs. 2020 also in England for the first time.

Working with you is still a lot of fun. And we are especially happy about the many positive responses. So we go with great enthusiasm into the anniversary year, in which we expect the sixth consecutive year of further growth. In this sense: Stay tuned!

Der Original Honigmann

Peter Everhard Steffens

Vincent Frey

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