Cool bleiben und geschützt durch Imkerbekleidung aus Netzgewebe!

beekeepers hoods

We can supply three types of veils

Our recommendation is the astronaut hood. It stands on your shoulder and doesn`t sit on your head.
The veil is stretched over your head.
Your head can move freely without losing the field of view due to wrinkling. It does not absorb any liquids.
This will always keep you cool. This hood we are convinced of the most, that's why it's standard and is included in the price.

The wide-brimmed hat, which rests on the head, thereby hinders the cooling of the head and possibly tends to slip off when looking down. It is made of cotton and absorbs liquids. At the same time, however, it protects against the sun's rays.

Similar to it is the beekeeper hood with a firmer, square field of view. For them a "tropical helmet" is needed. With it we have no further experience.

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