Cool bleiben und geschützt durch Imkerbekleidung aus Netzgewebe!

Hornets protective suit

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The sting of the hornets is twice as long as that of wasps and bees. Animal activists therefore often wear several pieces of clothing over each other when relocating nests. In doing so, they are in danger of a heat stroke. The new hornet professional protective suit is so thick that the sting of the hornet does not hit the skin when working on the nest. At the same time it is so airy that the one can work in peace and without time pressure. That protects him and the hornets. The motto is: stay cool and protected! The zippers on the legs make it possible to get into the suit even with shoes on. The standing hood allows a good all-round view and does not hinder the heat loss over the head as opposed to a hat or a cap. The new hornet professional protective suit is available in white.

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